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Basic Semi-Managed
WordPress Hosting

  • 3GB High-Speed SSD Storage
  • 25GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 1 WordPress Website
  • 200% CPU Speed, 6MB/s I/O, 2GB RAM
  • FREE SSL Certificate for your site
  • Monthly Plugins and Theme Checks
  • 3 Hourly / 21 Day Offsite Backups
  • Weekly Malware / Anti-virus Scan
  • Initial Full Security Audit
  • Basic Lockdown of your site
  • Initial Site Optimisation on setup
  • 10 Minute Sensor Site Monitoring
  • 5 Email Accounts (IMAP/POP3)
  • SpamAssassin Spam Filtering
  • Email Support Only
  • No Additional Support for Plugins & Themes

$18.95 / Month

Silver Semi-Managed
WordPress Hosting

  • 10GB High-Speed SSD Storage
  • 250GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 WordPress Websites
  • 400% CPU Speed, 12MB/s I/O, 6GB RAM
  • FREE SSL Certificate for your site
  • Monthly Plugins and Theme Checks
  • 3 Hourly / 21 Day Offsite Backup
  • Daily Malware / Anti-virus scan
  • Full Security Audit with 12-Monthly Review
  • Full Lockdown of your sites
  • ite Optimisation with 6-Monthly Review
  • 5 Minute Sensor Site Monitoring
  • Unlimited Email Accounts (IMAP/POP3)
  • SpamExperts Spam Filtering
  • Local Phone & Email Support
  • 30 Minutes Additional Support for Plugins & Themes

$49.00 / Month

Premium Semi-Managed
WordPress Hosting

  • 30GB High-Speed SSD Storage
  • 500GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 3 WordPress Websites
  • 600% CPU Speed, 12MB/s I/O, 10GB RAM
  • FREE SSL Certificate for your sites
  • Weekly Plugins and Theme Checks
  • 3 Hourly / 31 Day / 2 Location Offsite Backup
  • Daily Malware / Anti-virus scan
  • Full Security Audit with 3-Monthly Review
  • Full Lockdown of your site
  • Site Optimisation with 3-Monthly Review
  • 2 Minute Sensor Site Monitoring
  • Unlimited Email Accounts (IMAP/POP3)
  • SpamExperts Spam Filtering
  • Local Phone & Email Support
  • 1 Hour Additional Support for Plugins & Themes 

$79.00 / Month

All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.


LiteSpeed Cache

Optimised for WordPress, the LiteSpeed Cache web server eliminates overhead and improves your website speed and performance by 300%. All websites hosted with us run off servers with enterprise hardware, including Solid State Hard Drives (SSD). 

Site Security Audit

Every WordPress website will undergo a full security audit to ensure your website is secured. We review all aspects of your website including the users, themes and plugins. We also change all the default administration URLs, install brute force protection software and make additional tweaks to your website.

Site Optimisation

Every semi-managed site will be optimised for the best performance possible. We review all plugins and images and optimise your site to ensure you site is running at the best possible speeds.

Offsite Backup

Your WordPress site is fully backed up every 3 hours and stored offsite at a different location to the server. On our Premium plan, your site is backed up to a third location for peace of mind. If data loss has occurred or a plugin/theme has been compromised, we can restore your site within minutes. 

Antivirus and Malware scanning

80% of websites you view on the internet have been built in WordPress. WordPress is very popular. Hackers also target the CMS by finding vulnerabilities and injecting viruses/malware into your website code. Therefore, every website is scanned for any viruses and malware. If any viruses or malware has been discovered on your website, our team is alerted, and we can fix it for you at no extra cost.

Free SSL Certificates

Your WordPress site will be issued with a FREE SSL certificate backed by one of the largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world – Sectigo.

Site Monitoring

Your WordPress site will be monitored 24×7 by our monitoring system. We place a sensor on your site which is scanned every 2, 5 or 10 minutes depending on your plan. If your site goes down our team is alerted by SMS with a response time within 20 minutes.

Local Perth infrastructure with Local Support

Perth Web Hosting is independently owned and operated in Perth. Our servers are located in the Next DC P1 (Malaga) and P2 (Perth CBD).  If you purchase our premium plan, we also provide 1-hour additional support each month dedicated to code installation, troubleshooting,  or plugin advice (Valued at $99)

No Contracts

With our semi-managed hosting plans, there is no long term commitment. If you prefer to take control and manage all the updates on your site, let us know, and we can switch your plan over to our standard cPanel hosting plans. 


Perth Web Hosting can add, update or remove content from your website. Whether it is a new page or editing an image gallery, we can assist you. If you are on a semi-managed plan, our charge is $79 exGST per hour (as opposed to $99 exGST per hour for un-managed clients). If the task is significant, we can provide you with an upfront fixed fee. Please feel free to ask us if you are looking at making any substantial changes to your site.

An additional fee may apply for any high priority work that needs to be done straight away or done outside our regular hours.

We bill a minimum of one (1) hour then bill in 15-minute increments.

Our semi-managed hosting package is for people who are too afraid or busy to ensure their website software is up-to-date. The semi-managed plans are also suited to those who have a limited understanding of updating the themes, plugins and the core software that runs their site.

That's where we look after the software whilst you focus on updating the content on your website for your clients, and Perth Web Hosting focuses on the technical aspects of your site.

Our standard cPanel hosting plans are unmanaged and suited for clients who can manage their software updates for their website. That means you are responsible for updating (or patching) your themes, plugins and updating the core software. Perth Web Hosting also does not monitor any clients website on these packages. Therefore, if your site crashes due to an auto-update gone wrong, it is your responsibility to fix this issue. Sometimes your site can be down for days before a client calls and alerts you of the error, or you notice.

If you prefer to manage your own plugin/theme updates, you can still use WordPress on our unmanaged cPanel plans. These plans are suited for those who require assistance at maintaining the technical aspects and monitoring of their WordPress site 

Perth Web Hosting might charge an hourly fee to investigate and fix the issue for unmanaged services if we did not cause the problem.

We utilise two monitoring companies to monitor our websites, Uptime Robot and Wormly. When a new order comes through, we place a sensor on your site. The monitoring company will then start scanning your website within minutes.

The monitoring companies will scan your site from 5 locations, including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Singapore. Depending on the package that you are on, we monitor your site as frequently as every 2 minutes. If your site fails in any 3 locations, We are alerted via email and by SMS 24x7. We are then able to respond to your site and fix it. Most faults that occur can be resolved within 10 - 15 minutes of being reported as being down.

Perth Web Hosting has no minimum commitments. You can leave us at any time. However, if you downgrade your plan to one of our unmanged cPanel hosting plans within the first 6 months, a charge of $99 exGST will apply. You can change semi-managed hosting plans at no cost on your next billing date by managing the upgrade through our client portal (MyToolbox) or emailing a request to our support team. If you require an instant plan change during your current billing period, a fee may apply.

Our Basic and Silver Semi-Managed WordPress Hosting accounts are backed up in an encrypted format 6 times per day for 21 days. Our Premium plan is backed up in two separate geographical locations 6 times per day for 31 days. We store all data separately from our production servers in different data centres in Perth. You can rest easy knowing your data is protected in the event of data loss or corruption.

In the event of your website crashing, we can restore your data, have your site back up and running within a few minutes, and recover your site back to how it was anytime within up to the last 31 days.

If your website(s) are running a premium theme or a subscription-based plugin, it is your responsibility to maintain these subscriptions with the developer. If your website goes down due to a bug in the plugin and you do not keep the subscription, Perth Web Hosting cannot be responsible for the site crashing. If a previous version was working, we can roll back to an earlier version and disable the update for the said plugin until a fix is in place.

We can act on your behalf to contact support if necessary; however, we require portal access to your subscription. If you don't feel comfortable providing these details, then you are responsible for contacting support. 

If you wish for us to maintain your subscription (i.e. pay for the subscriptions), An administration fee will apply. Most plugins are charged in US Dollars so, we usually charge the USD->AUD Rates plus a small price to cover our costs.

Please Note
We cannot provide support for any subscription-based plugins downloaded illegally or do not have an active subscription.

Unfortunately, these semi-managed plans are suited only for WordPress websites.