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  • Linux Website Hosting
    $130.00/ year(or $13.00 per month)
    • 10GB high-speed SSD storage
    • 100GB Premium bandwidth
    • 10 add-on domains
    • Unlimited sub domains / domain aliases
    • Unlimited email accounts (IMAP/POP3)
    • Unlimited Maria/MySQL Databases
    • SpamExperts premium spam/antivirus filtering
    • 6 hourly offsite and 30-day server snapshot backups
    • Local telephone and email Support
    • cPanel v70 control panel with Litespeed (LSCACHE)
    • Instant activation*
    • Perth servers

Instant activation only applies to orders made within Australia.
All prices quoted are exclusive of GST and will be calculated upon checkout.

Hosting Features

All business web hosting plans come with an extensive range of easy-to-use management interface so that you can manage your website.

Not sure how to set things up or make a simple change? You can call us and we can talk you through it, or you can log into your MyToolbox account to access an intensive list of step-by-step instructions.

  • Manage email accounts
  • Configure your spam rules
  • Manage mailing lists
  • Add multiple domain names
  • Create your own backups
  • View website statistics
  • Manage your files
  • Manage your secure directories
  • Manage your own DNS records
  • Manage MySQL databases
  • Set up SSL certificates
  • Configure PHP settings
  • 30-day full server backups
  • 6 hourly file block level and database offsite backups
  • Local telephone and email support
  • cPanel control panel
  • Litespeed Web Server to speed up your site by 300%
  • One-click software installation
  • SpamExperts email filtering

Control Panels

Perth Web Hosting offers cPanel. This is the most widely used hosting control panel in the hosting industry and it powers most of the websites you’ll come across. cPanel is known for its stability, strong security, and easy-to-use interface for website management. It’s available on our shared Linux web hosting platform.

About 80% of applications, including the popular open source platforms WordPress and Drupal, run better off our Linux-based cPanel platform. The hosting costs are significantly cheaper, yet your application will run more effectively.

Running your website off our Linux platform also allows us to protect it with a suite of security applications that are not available on servers such as Windows hosting servers.

If your website is running on a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, your website will run off a Linux server just fine even when your computer is running Windows or MacOS.

Premium Spam/Antivirus Filtering by Spamexperts

Automatically reduce spam email, so you can focus on the messages that matter to you.

Every business hosting plan comes with a complimentary advanced, yet easy-to-use, spam portal that you can control to filter spam from your incoming mail.

The filtering features include:

  • Scanning all emails for viruses and malware
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting email addresses and domains
  • Restricting the allowed message size
  • Restricting the attachment file types
  • Retrieving emails if they land in the quarantine bin
  • Searching for emails and see why any emails were treated as spam
  • Receiving daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Releasing emails at a click of a button-
  • Using the system as a backup mail server
  • Instantly changing the destination mail server


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