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Get 50% off your first invoice when you sign up to our Standard or Advanced shared hosting package. Simply enter the code ’50OFF’ at the checkout.

Offer applies to new customers who have not hosted a service with us before. Offer applies to our Shared hosting cPanel services (Standard or Advanced Package). Not valid with any other services or offers and price excludes GST. 

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Entry cPanel
Web Hosting

  • 5 GB High-Speed SSD Storage
  • 50 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 200% CPU Speed, 10 MB/s I/O, 4 GB RAM
  • 6 Hourly / 21 Day Offsite Backups
  • 3 Add-on Domains
  • SpamAssassin Spam Filtering
  • Email Support Only

$95.40 / Year

(or $7.95 monthly)

Standard cPanel
Web Hosting

  • 10 GB High-Speed SSD Storage
  • 200 GB Premium Bandwidth
  • 400% CPU Speed, 12 MB/s I/O, 10 GB RAM
  • 6 Hourly / 21 Day Offsite Backups
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • SpamExperts Spam Filtering
  • Local Phone & Email Support

$149.95 / Year

(or $14.95 monthly)

Advanced cPanel
Web Hosting

  • 30 GB High-Speed SSD Storage
  • 600 GB Premium bandwidth
  • 600% CPU Speed, 12 MB/s I/O, 10 GB RAM
  • 6 Hourly / 21 Day Offsite Backups
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains
  • SpamExperts Spam Filtering
  • Local Phone & Email Support

$279.95 / Year

(or $27.95 monthly)

All prices quoted are exclusive of GST. 


Free SSL Certificates

Every domain hosted on our platform is issued with a FREE DV (Domain Validated) certificate backed by one of the largest commercial Certificate Authority in the world – Sectigo.

84 Retention Points

Every account is backed up 4 times a day in another geographical location in Perth. That is 21 days worth of Backups created every 6 hours.  You can use the easy-to-use JetBackups tools within cPanel to recover your files, emails, databases and other information.

SpamExperts Email Filtering

Our enterprise-grade filters will eliminate spam email before it reaches you. Every incoming email will be scanned for spam and viruses before being delivered to your inbox saving you time. 

One-Click Installer Apps

Install common CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many more apps with just one click. Need to make major changes to your site without touching your existing site? No worries, you can quickly clone your site across to another subdomain and do all your editing without touching your live website (also knowing as staging websites).

LiteSpeed Cache

Optimised for WordPress and Magento, the LiteSpeed Cache web server eliminates overhead and improves your website’s speed and performance. All our web servers also run enterprised Solid State Hard Drives (SSD). 


Unlimited MySQL/Maria Databases

We offer Unlimited MySQL/Maria Databases in every hosting package. All databases are backed up for 21 days and can be restored using the Restoration tools within cPanel.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Every Hosting service comes with unlimited email addresses. You are able to set your account up in Outlook or Mac Mail using IMAP or POP3. The inbound/outbound message limit size is a massive 40Mb. 

Local Perth infrastructure with Local Support

Perth Web Hosting is independently owned and operated in Perth. Our servers are located in the Next DC P1 (Malaga) and P2 (Perth CBD). Our office is also located in the centre of the Perth CBD.

Industry Standard Control Panel

Perth Web Hosting offers cPanel. This is the most widely used hosting control panel in the hosting industry and it powers most of the websites you’ll come across. cPanel is known for its stability, strong security, and easy-to-use interface for website management. It’s available on our shared Linux web hosting platform.


Yes, we do. Over 80% of the sites we host are developed in WordPress. We also host some Magento and Joomla sites. In fact, we can host most major CMS platforms.

The only thing we cannot host is CMS's that have been developed in ASP.NET. 

Please Note:
We do not offer any management under these packages. If you are looking for someone to manage all your plugin and theme updates, please visit our Semi-Managed WordPress Hosting for pricing information.

We have PHP 5.6 to PHP 8.0 available. You can select a version that suits your application requirements in cPanel. You can also activate and deactivate an extensive list of PHP extensions and control the PHP memory limit and upload file size required for your website.

We recommend installing WordPress to build your website. There are a few free plugins that we also recommend, including Elementor and Ninja Forms, which will allow you to build a site using a drag and drop editor. The best part of this is it's FREE, and we can set this up for you at no extra cost.

We also have Softaculous Auto Installer available which allows you to 1 click install a catalogue of over 200 different applications, including Drupal, Magento, and Joomlai f you prefer to use an alternative CMS to WordPress.

Absolutely, our team has experience in migrating websites across to our platform without any downtime. Sign up online, provide us with all your existing hosting provider's and domain registrar usernames and passwords, and we can do the rest.

A small fee of $79.00 exGST will apply for a staff-assisted transfer. An extra fee may apply depending on the complexity of your website, but in most cases this is not required. Our staff are happy to discuss your options and costs before you sign up or before proceeding with the migration. If you wish to migrate your website yourself, then no migration fee will apply.

We host our primary equipment in the newly built Next DC Datacentre (P2) in the city. We are not resellers for any other hosting provider.

We maintain 6 hourly backups for our cPanel Web Hosting which are retained for 21 days, and our servers and backups are stored in seperate data centers.

We use the popular JetBackups plugin for cPanel. You can restore your full cPanel account or recover individual or multiple files/folders, MySQL databases, DNS zone files, SSL certificates or email accounts, with the time to restore your data being as little as a few seconds depending on the data being restored. You can manage all of this yourself by logging into your cPanel and we are happy to provide assitance if you need help.

Perth Web Hosting can transfer your domain over to our platform. For all .au domain names, the transfer is free of charge, and we honour the existing expiry date of your domain. For other domain types, we can transfer an extensive list of  TLDs (top-level domains), however, in some cases cannot transfer your domain to us. Please enquire and we will advise if we can. Most premium and international domains will incur a transfer fee, however, this will add an extra year to the domain registration as part of the transfer.

You can also choose to leave your domain at your current registrar and simply point the nameservers to our servers, or if you manage your own DNS, you can do this too. You will be provided with the list of nameservers and your server IP address on sign up.

Whilst we monitor all servers on our network, Perth Web Hosting does not monitor individual websites that are on the Entry, Standard or Advanced cPanel Web Hosting plans. If you would like us to monitor your website as well as updating and patching your WordPress and plugins then please check out our Semi-Managed WordPress Hosting.

If you choose an un-managed cPanel Web Hosting plan then it is your responsibility to ensure that your website is patched and updated. We can provide once-off updates and patching of your website for additional fees. If you have your own web developer or you are managing your WordPress site yourself then an un-managed plan is suitable for you. If you want us to manage keeping your WordPress fully updated and patched on a regular basis then one of our semi-managed plans are the way to go.

Our web servers and hosting are designed to be used for hosting websites and email, not as cloud storage. If you are after cloud storage, then a Microsoft OneDrive subscription is better suited and comes with 1 TB or more of storage for a similar cost. We can provide a license and set you up so please enquire.

We have also partnered with DataMate who are a local service offering highly secure data storage at an undisclosed data center here in Perth. DataMate is used by many industries, including doctors and dental surgeries, to keep an offsite backup of their patient data in a highly encrypted format. This provides peace of mind that your confidential data is stored locally and not over east or offshore as they do not use global companies such as Amazon, IBM, etc. to store your data in data centers that could be anywhere in the world.

In the event that you do need your data restored we can easily drop into the data center with a USB drive and grab a copy of the latest backup set to deliver to you within a few hours.