How to setup your email in Mac Mail

If your computer is running Mac OS and you’re using Mac Mail, please follow these instructions to setup your account in Mac Mail.

Please note:
Your username is your full email account. In the following article, we will be using an example of John Smith with his email address being

Open Mac Mail and go to the Mail menu item up the top of screen and go down to Preferences


If you have never setup an account in Mac Mail, the following dialouge will appear:

Please select the last option “Other Mail Account”
Click Continue

If you already have an account which is setup, you need to click the + (plus) sign in the left hand side of screen like below

Fill in the following details:

  1. Your Name i.e John Smith.
  2. Your Email Address i.e
  3. The Password that you created in cPanel
  4. Click the blue button Sign In

An red message will appear in the next box. Unable to verify account name or password. Please ignore this message

Please fill out the details as per the screen below:

  1. Your Email Address i.e
  2. Your username should be your full email address.
  3. Account type can be either POP or IMAP. For this example, we’re using POP.
  4. Incoming mail server is – Where is, this would be your own domain 
  5. Outgoing mail server is – Where is, this would be your own domain 
  6. Click the blue Sign In button

Once setup, you need to ensure SMTP authentication is correctly set up. If you fail to set this up correctly, you will not be able to send email out.

  1. Ensure your new account is selected on the left side of screen and go down to the dropdown menu of “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)” and click on “Edit SMTP Server List…” 

Another screen will open, Ensuring that you have selected the correct account in the list above

In the Advanced Settings

Make sure that Use SSL and Automatically detect and maintain account settings are BOTH TICKED

Allow insecure authentication left unticked.

Port is 465

  1. User Name is Your Email Address i.e
  2. Password: Your password that was given too you or the one you created in cPanel when creating the account.
  3. Select the OK blue button

You are finally back at the original account screen. Go to the Advanced Tab.

Ensuring the Port Number is either:

  • 110 (pop3) and Use SSL is unticked or ;
  • 995 (pop3) and Use SSL is ticked for secure connection **Ideal**
Authentication is set to Password Please ensure your screen is identical to the one below.

Once done, please close the accounts screen by clicking on the red dot on the top left. You be asked if you would like to save the settings. Click Save