How to setup your email in Outlook 365 (2016/2019)

If your computer is running Outlook 2016/2019 or 365, please follow these instructions to setup your email account.

Please note:
Your username is your full email account. In the following article, we will be using an example of John Smith with his email address being

Open Outlook 365 from the Start Menu or desktop icon.  If you have never used Outlook before, please open outlook and go to step 2. If you are already using Outlook, please go to file 

Click on the + Add Account button below “Account Information”


Enter your Email address which you set up in cPanel. For this example, we are using, and click the blue connect button.

Select IMAP or POP3.

For an explanation of  the difference between IMAP and POP, please visit this article

In summary:

IMAP – Synchronized across multiple devices, Uses your disk quota quicker and requires an internet connection to view the email.

POP (or POP3) – Saves space on the server by downloading and removing the message off the server. Doesn’t require your device to be connected if you want to read past downloaded emails. Cannot synchnoize across multiple devices.


Most people choose POP (ore POP3).

Select the protocol you wish to use.

In the incoming server that has been provided to you, insert your incoming mail server. For this example, we’re using

As we are setting this account up as a POP account, we’re using 995 as our incoming mail server port. If configuring an IMAP account, plese use 993.

Make sure “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS) is selected.

For the outgoing mail server, type your outgoing mail server and port 465. In the dropdown menu for Encryption Method, select SSL/TLS

Usually BOTH Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server is the same. But the ports are different.

Once entered, click the Blue Next Button

Enter your password that was provided to you or you had set when creating the account in cPanel and click the Blue connect button.

You have successfully configured your POP Account.