Is Your Website At Risk

Websites need regular updates and maintenance to keep them running well and prevent them being compromised or hacked. This article looks at what you can do to reduce your risk, maintain maximum website uptime and give your customers the best possible experience.

What can go wrong?

Technology is always moving forward. New software and updates are being developed to help your website provide more personalised experiences, smarter shopping carts and more streamlined customer portals. These advances help you connect with and serve your customer, meaning more engagement and sales for your business.

It also means that keeping all the parts running smoothly takes a little work. Software, themes, plug-ins and applications need to be updated and checked regularly.

Delaying these updates can cause your website to run slowly, inefficiently and be ‘buggy.’

Out of date websites may have sections or pages that simply no longer load.

Compromised websites are vulnerable to malware, breach or hacking. This may result in:

  • Your page being redirected to an unsavoury site.
  • Your customer’s data being breached and stolen.
  • SPAM sent on your behalf.
  • Your site used to breach other sites.

Imagine your customers getting new invoices or billing details – that look like they are from you – but aren’t.

Sadly, we have seen each of these scenarios. It can cost several thousand dollars to repair or rebuild your website as well as loss of reputation, website downtime and loss of income.

WHY does this happen?

Websites become vulnerable for many reasons. Using passwords that are easy to guess, reusing passwords, leaving your home computer without adequate antivirus protection, and unmaintained or poorly maintained websites, with out-of-date themes and plugins are common reasons websites are vulnerable.

We have noticed that 9/10 websites that transition to us have out-of-date software, themes or plugins. These sites are vulnerable.

What can I do?

  • Keep your passwords secure by using strong passwords that aren’t reused and cannot be guessed and by using two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible.
  • Keep your computer secure with good quality, up-to-date anti-virus software (such as ESET Antivirus).
  • Good quality basic design. Use a reputable professional to design your website so it has clean, fast code and the most appropriate templates and plug-ins for your specific needs.
  • Use reputable and secure hosting. Use a reputable company to host your website. Secure and well-maintained hosting is vital. The IP address your website is hosted is probably shared with other websites, meaning their vulnerabilities leave you at risk. High-quality hosting will scan often and shut down compromised sites quickly to reduce risk.
  • Perform regular updates. Keep your software, theme, plugins and applications regularly updated. Just like your computer and mobile phone, your website needs regular updates to keep it up to date, safe and secure. Sadly, hackers and spammers are keeping up to date, we need to too.
  • Invest in a semi-managed WordPress website hosting plan. Semi-Managed plans include monthly or weekly theme and plugin checks, weekly or daily malware/anti-virus scans, backups, spam filtering, optimisation and basic or full lockdown of your site, keeping you secure and dramatically reducing your risk.

HOW WE HELP – Perth Web Hosting Managed WordPress hosting solutions.

Here at Perth Web Hosting, we are a trusted local business offering a comprehensive range of solutions to keep your website up to date, safe and reduce your risk. We have an option to suit every situation and budget.

OPTION 1 – Invest in a semi-managed hosting plan – the safest option.

We have 3 tiers of monthly semi-managed WordPress website plans for busy business owners – just like you. Security, safety and a great customer experience is at the core of what we do, and we would love to look after your site for you.

Our three tiers range from extremely cost-effective, through to our premium service which includes comprehensive checks and allotted time for support with one of our specialists to make sure your customers always have a seamless experience.

OPTION 2- book in for a once-off review and update. *

We will perform a one-off, stand-alone review and audit of your website. We will perform updates to your standard themes and plugins and site optimisation, getting you up to date and reducing your exposure and risk.

To sign up and secure your site today click HERE.

* These options include standard theme and plugin updates. Premium theme updates and subscription-based plugins can be managed on request with additional fees applicable. Additional support that is required will be charged per hour, with the hourly rate reduced for semi-managed plans.

Interested in further information?

Send us an email to us and we can contact you to discuss your requirements further.

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