Budget Web Hosting

These packages are for the users who require a small presence on the web without breaking the bank. The only difference from our cloud hosting and the following packages below, there is no telephone support and these packages have smaller quotas. These plans still operate on the same hardware as our other hosting range. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

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Linux Platform
Monthly / Annually
5.95 / 64.90
cPanel v68 control Panel
10GB SSD Storage Space
100GB Data Transfer (FREE WAIX Traffic)
Host 1 domain
INSTANT Activation
1-Click Web Application Installation
50 Email Accounts / MySQL Databases
Premium Anti-virus / Anti-spam Filtering
Email Support Only
Nightly Backups stored offsite
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Windows Platform
Monthly / Annually
7.95 / 86.72
Odin Plesk v12.5 control Panel
10GB SSD Storage Space
100GB Data Transfer (FREE WAIX Traffic)
Host 1 domain
INSTANT Activation
1-Click Web Application Installation
50 Email Accounts / MySQL Databases
Premium Anti-virus / Anti-spam Filtering
Email Support Only
Nightly Backups stored offsite
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What is the difference between Linux and Windows Platforms?
The are very few differences between hosting your website on a Linux and a Windows platform. If you require a Microsoft SQL database and/or your website requires dot Net (.net) then you require hosting on a Windows platform. Usually, most websites will operate on a Linux platform just fine.

If I get one of the above packages, what support do I get?
Due to the costs of the above package and staffing costs, we are unable to provide you with support over the Telephone with our budget hosting plans. However, you’re not alone, if you still require support, please send an email to support@perthwebhosting.net.au or fill out the form on our contact us page and we will respond to your requests within a few hours*. We have a range of step-by-step articles in our knowledge base that will assist you in setting up or removing most requests.

* during Business Hours.

Can you assist in migrating our websites over?
Yes, As long as you have a similar system in place and have your existing hosting providers usernames / Passwords with you. Most website transfers are completed within 24 hours and can be done at no charge.

Sometimes websites can be a bit tricky to migrate therefore, a small charge may apply to cover. Our staff can discuss your needs and advise you if any charges will be required before proceeding with the migration.

Is there any downtime when migrating our websites over?
Perth Web Hosting has had over 8 years of experience in migrating websites over from other platforms without downtime. If done correctly and in the right sequence, your website will remain operating.  However, you may need to change some passwords and some email settings.

I use a Mac. What hosting platform is compatible with my Machine?
Yes, your mac is compatible with both Linux and Windows platforms. However if your website requires specific modules to run such as .Net, we recommend the windows hosting platform. If your website is a WordPress website, we recommend you utilising our Linux Platform.

Which platform do I host my site on?
Most Content Management Systems (CMS) will go onto our Linux platform just fine. The major CMS’s such as wordpress, Drupal, Joomla will work well on our Linux platform. If you are not sure of which CMS you’re running, please contact us.

Can I have full control over my domain?
Absolutely. We provide cPanel v11.5 for our Linux Platform and Plesk 12.5 for our Windows Platforms. From here, you can create your own email addresses, make changes to your websites, create and modify mysql/sql databases and more.

Do you provide SSH/ Remote MySQL connections?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide external access to these ports in a shared hosting environment due to security reasons. If you need access, we recommend upgrading to your own Virtual Private Server – VPS.

What PHP versions are you running?
PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 & 5.6 & 7

What ASP .NET versions are you running?
ASP .NET 3 & 4

Can you manage my site for me?
Yes, Please contact us for more details and pricing.

What is your backup policy?
Currently, we back up each server night in a different geographical location for up to 45 days. We also back up each MySQL database every 4 hours and store it in a different location.

What is the quick settings?
Username: Full E-mail Address
Incoming Mail Server: servername.perthwebhosting.net.au (e.g genesisvm.perthwebhosting.net.au)
Outgoing Mail Server: servername.perthwebhosting.net.au (e.g genesisvm.perthwebhosting.net.au)
Port Numbers: IMAP – 143, POP3 – 110, SMTP – 587
Please make sure you turn on SMTP authentication.

What is your outgoing/incoming message size?
Our current limit on each message is 30mb.

What email protocols do you use?
We currently support both IMAP and POP3. The accounts can be configured on any device such as a computer, iPad/ iPhone or a Samsung device.

What is your mailbox limit?
Currently we allow each mailbox to store upto 2GB. If you require extra space, we recommend you upgrading your mailboxes to our hosted exchange platform.

Can I use Webmail?
Yes, simply go to http://www.yourdomain.com.au/webmail (e.g https://www.perthwebhosting.net.au/webmail) Please make sure you are logging onto the secure website to prevent unauthorised access.

How do I Create Email Accounts?
You need to contact the account holder to get them to login to the Control Panel (cpanel or Plesk) and from in there you can create, edit or remove email accounts.

Can I change my password?
Yes, simply login to webmail and from in there you can change your password. Please remember to update the password on every device that you have loaded your account on.

I’m getting too much spam!
Sometimes it can be difficult to control every account but we can help you. We do have an premium option available from $10 per domain per month or we can increase the score per account but, it is best to email us so we can check it out.